I try to use the CC1310F Launchpad by TI to communicate with the Sigfox infrastructure.


Connecting with SmartRF

On Windows, run the SmartRF program. You should see two connected devices (one CC1310 LaunchPad has two interfaces).

Select the XDS110 Class Application/User UART. At first, the device is “Unknown”. You have to select the target device. I have a CC1310F128.

Right clic and “connect”. By default, the bootloader mode was not enabled so I got the following message:

To enable the bootloader mode, hold the “SELECT” button (BTN-1, on the left) and press the “RESET” button (on the top). Then try to connect again and you should see the following:

You can now get board information such as the MAC address (we will need it soon).

Getting CCS project from Sigfox

The only way I found was to send an email to and ask for it. They replied with 3 hours.

Getting the Sigfox_data.h from TI

Send an email to with the MAC address, your name and the company you work for. They should reply with one sigfox_data.h per device.

Compile CCS project (GNU/Linux)

Flash the project onto the board

Connect to the terminal (I use minicom) with the following parameters: 115200 8N1 I got a nice: Initialization error This is because I have to replace the file sigfox_data.h by the one that TI gave me.

Getting the Device ID and PAC number

Once the board is flashed, you can connect throught the terminal (minicom). No message should be displayed. To see what you are typing, enable “local echo”.

Activate your device

Activate you device using your device ID and PAC number on: If it does not work, send an email to Sigfox again. I got a reply within a day. My device was activated after 3 days.

Send message

I had to change the MODE on the sigfox_demo.h file because I’m in Europe: //#define MODE_ARIB #define MODE_ETSI

Sigfox Backend Callbacks

On the sigfox backend, you can create callbacks to trigger some remote function or forward data. Here is what I’ve done:

I am sending the data in Json to a node-red instance on IBM Bluemix.