• Volunteer at franciliens.net. In charge of the grouped command of the internetcube project.
  • Volunteer at the Amigos de Jesus fondation in Chile
  • Volunteer in a health care center: Development of a ‘database like’ management system using Virtal Basic – Dundee, Scotland (2012).
  • Computing teacher: IT Teacher for beginners – Anglet, France (2010-2011)
  • Member of an Engineer Team: Member of the winning team of the 24 hours of innovation of the ESTIA – Bidart, France (2011)
  • President of a young association: Creation of a society based on the computing field and collection of more than £800 to create an IT pole – Parempuyre, France (2006)



  • I practice percussion since the age of 8.
  • President of a percussion student society: Creation of the society in Abertay University and teaching – Dundee, Scotland (2012).



  • I like to climb on rocks.



Credits: Djembe Drum By Amos Kofi Commey, from the Noun Project.