Master (2nd Year)

Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)
UFR Info-p6
Master 2 : Computing Networks

1st semester:
  • Research methodology: reading, writing, reviewing, presenting
  • Ubiquitous networks: sensor network, BANet, robot networks, Byzantine networks
  • Networks measurement: static/dynamic graphs, Internet metrology
  • Smart Mobility: VANet, project on mobile pollution measurement
  • System evaluation and performance: Markov chain, queuing models
  • English: TOEIC
2nd semester:

Internship with Fabrice Theoleyre at ICube (Strasbourg).
Evaluation & performance in 6TiSCH networks.
Load-balancing and energy repartition using 6TiSCH Tracks.

Master (1rst Year)UNISTRA

Université de Strasbourg
UFR Math-Info
Master 1 : Computing Networks and Embedded Systems

First semester:

  • Compilation (lexical and syntactical analysis : Lex et Yacc)
  • Embedded systems and electronic
  • Network security
  • Protocols and mechanisms (network, transport and application layers)
  • Performance analysis (simulation models and processes)

Second semester:

  • Network administration (Cisco, SNMP, MIB, DHCP, DNS)
  • Advanced compilation (LLVM, parallelism)
  • Real time system and computing (Scheduling policies, POSIX4, RTAI)
  • Carrier networks (BGP, MPLS, VPN, telecommunication)
  • Business networks (Business Objects, Microsoft Networks, networks legal aspect)

BSc(Hons) Computing NetworksABERTAY

University of Abertay University – Dundee
Sending institution : UFR sciences et techniques de la côte Basque

First semester:

  • Database and Internet Application Design : database design (EERM), normalisation, SQL, DDL, strategic planning
  • Group Project : project principle, management, quality assurance
  • Networking and Security: network models, protocols, security & authentication
  • Mobile Programming : Mobile devices, cycle development, high and low UI, storage, commercial deployment

Second semester:

  • Networking : Linux file system, system administration, network configuration, scripting
  • Network Security : legal issues, threats, mitigation, methods of attacking systems
  • Group Project: design, implementation, testing and evaluation, communication
  • Server side development : Application architecture, server side scripting, databases, optimisation

Diplôme Universitaire Technologique (DUT) Informatique

Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour
IUT Bayonne

First year:

  • Algorithmic and Programming
  • Architecture, Systems and Networks
  • Software engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Economy and Management
  • English
  • Communication

Second year:

  • Programming reuse
  • Embedded technology
  • UML/Java
  • Mathematics
  • Economy and Management
  • English
  • Communication
  • Project : Timelines
  • Internship: Alaloop